Why I write…

I write because it makes me feel better. I write because I feel I am doing myself an injustice if I keep my thoughts and ideas to myself. I have always had this gnawing feeling that I am made to write.

I always had a pen and paper handy, even when I was too young to write. I have not fully pursued my dream as I had many naysayers, also my own mind being my biggest critic. This I have come to learn is the plague of all writers. We have the ability to downplay our work, most harshly.

Yet, I have read work and the author seemed absolutely puffed up about being a great author, only for me to find the work could be better, if given more thought too. Writing comes easily for those who love it but I suppose those critical thoughts make us better but also slows down our output of work actually being. The other fear I have, was—what will people think of me, if I show these to people, who know me? I have gotten over this, over time. Realizing that everyone is human and that we all have obscure thoughts. Well, some of us do. I am proudly one of them. I have experienced much in life but have grown most as a person when I became a mother.

I am a writer, this is me and my thoughts, as a person, as a woman, as a mother, as a daughter and so many other parts of me. Life can only be lived if you give yourself the chance to become who you set out to be when you were a young one. I have previously thought this point to be silly and incorrect, but over the years I have been more and more drawn to this concept as I have, as an adult most enjoyed doing the things that I once did as a child.

I can write about anything and everything. The way the colour blue is sprinkled with droplets of the ocean, to how the orange fruit actually gave the name to the colour and not the other way around. Anything can be a topic, if researched well enough and if the passion for it is profuse.

This is but a part of me and I do hope to find it a place in your mind, where it will be mulled over and thought of when the topic comes up, whichever topic it is you read that I wrote.

The I





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